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We Provide You Best Catering Equipment In Bahrain

We offer latest Catering Equipment for crockery & cutlery, chaffing dishes, dishwasher machine, hot cabinet, hot case, flask, water boiler, tea and coffee maker, refrigerator fridge, chillers, cake chiller, Grill machine, Cooking pot, Bread Machine (tandoor), shawarma machine, etc.

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Affordable And Reliable Catering Equipment

At Al Wasmiya Catering Equipment we are proud as being one of the leading national suppliers of commercial and residential catering equipment to entire Bahrain. Our complete supply of catering equipment would be made of food-grade steel with legit test certificates submitted on request. We are into the trading of electrical, gas, and steam equipment. We are a house to various imported equipment from crockery to serve-over counters, glassware to chefs’ clothing, and even specialist knives through to free-standing combination ovens. You can easily find everything that you’ll need to ensure your catering business or kitchen runs smoothly and efficiently.


Crockery & Cutlery Equiments 

Al Wasmiya is here to make your events exceptionally special. We are always ready to provide turnkey solutions to our clients. Whether you are looking for a single piece of commercial catering equipment, or a full new design and installation package, we are with you every step of the way. We have many different styles of plates, dishes, knives, forks, and spoons to choose from so you can personalize your look. They work closely with clients in public sectors. AL Wasmiya is well-known for expert installation and tailor-made client solutions.

Hotel Equipment

At Al Wasmiya, we are proud to offer high-quality hotel equipment for all kinds of hotels, restaurants, and inns. We provide a large array of supply of hotel equipment made of food-grade steel with legit test certificates. Our hotel equipment like custom-made & fabricated Preparation Counter, Display Counter, Refrigeration-Server Counter, Dish Wash & Pot Wash, Imported Food Service equipment, etc. are appreciated for their astonishing features such as specific design & corrosion resistance.

hotel Equipment

Catering Equipment

Chafing Dishes

Chafing Dishes

Hot Cabinet

Shawarma Machine


Tea Maker

Are you looking for Catering equipment in Bahrain? Then you are at the right place. Al Wasmiya Tent offers huge collection of catering equipment in Bahrain. We have been working in the catering industry for more than two decades and aims to provide top-notch catering equipment in Bahrain. Our team make sure that every catering equipment will be of premium quality and up to the highest standards. We take care of the hygiene and ensure that the products are delivered in a safest way to our clients.
Al Wasmiya Tent is a refined catering equipment suppliers in Bahrain and aims to provide its customers with perfect catering solutions and sustain the standards of the catering equipment by taking extra care and giving considerable attention to every equipment available in our stock. Our experienced and highly certified team is the reason behind the success and eminence of Al Wasmiya Tent. Whether you are arranging a birthday party, a small family get together, graduation party, corporate event, we have catering equipment for almost every event whether small or enormous. So don’t look further and try our catering equipment service in Bahrain once, you will never switch to any other catering suppliers in Bahrain. Hurry up and get advantage of the service and make your event delightful.

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We aim to strive towards professionalism in everything we do. We constantly offer innovative solutions to our clients and make a significant contribution to their businesses and vision. Feel free to call us, our expert assistance is just a call away.

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