All size of tents available starting from 3m width until 30m of width and length is depends of customer requirement.
Interior Decoration  
We are specialize in interior tent design. Different kind of lining, lighting and colours are available for the tent and according to the customer requirement we do the interior designing.

We offer a huge range of furniture for the parties, exhibitions, office functions, birthday parties, festival and all other activities. We are manufacturing, renting and selling this stuff.

We have Banquet chairs, Round tables (6x6ft, 5x5ft and 4x4ft), Half moon table, Rectangle tables (standard size 2.5x5ft, 2.5 x 6ft, or any other size), Wedding Sofa (single seater, double seater and triple seater), Coffee tables, Chavari chair (wedding chair), Bride and groom chair, Cocktail table (high standing table). Etc

Air conditions  
We can ensure the comfort of your guests in any environment. Tower A/C (portable a/c) and windows a/c.
Spot lights, schandlier lighting, florescent lights, decoration light, charismas lights, Stage lighting etc
Different quality of carpet available (exhibition, concord, soft touch, yasin)
Manufacturing all kind of stages all the sizes according to customer requirement.
Catering Equipment  
Equipment available for catering
Crockery & cutlery, chaffing dishes, dishwasher machine, hot cabinet, hot case, flask, water boiler, tea and coffee maker, refrigerator fridge, chillers, cake chiller, Grill machine, Cooking pot, Bread Machine (tandoor), showarma machine, etc
Kitchen equipment  
Hotel Equipment  
Capacity available minimum 5 KVA to 1000 KVA or more
Robe and Railing (Railing stand), Barrier, Partitions, Block etc